Saturday, June 28, 2008

Farewell Barnes Family and 1st Papercutting

Having a husband in the military means that we have to say goodbye a lot. Today we had to say goodbye to our friends the Barnes' (okay, so they aren't leaving for another month, but today was the party). It has been gorgeous and hot all week, but just a few minutes before the party it started thundering. Still, we stayed dry and nicely cool. The hostess, Rosa, made delicious Mexican food. It was a fun afternoon. As you can see, it wore little Sophia out. And yes, that is MY tanned shoulder that she is drooling on, for all of you who thought it could never happen.
I created cards (a going away card and a birthday card) for the event. I tried my hand at papercutting (see This was my first real attempt at it, so I went for big, basic shapes. They aren't great, but I am fairly pleased with the results.

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perilloparodies said...

Say bye from me, won't you? who knows when i will see them next... and only "fairly pleased"? You did a great job. i really like them. ALOT. How fun. Keep up the very good work. Yay!!