Friday, June 27, 2008

Negombo Hydrothermal Spa, Ischia

This past Sunday Aimie (my sister who lives in England) and I went to the Negombo hydrothermal spa in Ishcia. Ishcia is an island in the bay of Naples. It is the biggest one, I think. Anyway, the whole area is a volcanic hotspot full of thermal pools. Negombo is a botanical park/spa on the coast of Ischia, complete with a private beach in a little bay. There are 20-something pools, including pools in caves, super hot and then freezing cold pools, and a Turkish bath (for those of you who do not know what a Turkish bath is, it is a room with steam that is 58 degress celcius. I was not even able to enter the room. It felt like an oven.). Negombo is a gift from God, as is my husband, Anthony, who kept all 3 kids all day long so that I could enjoy this little slice of heaven. The best part: the sea water had no creatures and no seaweed. I want to go back again, without the kids and with Anthony. Does anyone want to babysit?

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perilloparodies said...

Wow, you told me it was gorgeous, and you have pictures to prove it. Wonder how many actors go there yearly (that is how nice it looks). thanks for sharing. would love to go sometime, but hate BATHING SUITS right now!!!! Maybe sometime, though. And if you and Anthony go, you could leave the kids with me if you would not think it too out of the way. :-)