Monday, June 23, 2008

Hawaiian Night at the Pool

Last week we went to Hawaiian Night at the pool on base. It isn't anything exciting.....they just dress the place up a bit and are open later. The kids can also use rafts, which they aren't normally allowed to do. Anyway, I got some good shots so I thought that I would post them. Grace has been getting brave in the pool, and as you can see she has started swimming. I have her in swimming lessons four days a week now. It only took Sophia a few minutes to fall asleep in the "Moses Basket" (yes, she is sucking her thumb--it is her new favorite thing). Joseph would not get in the pool. I was only able to start getting him in this past weekend. By the way, it was freezing cold! Hope you enjoy:)


perilloparodies said...

Maybe God is granting you a bit of rest by Joseph not liking the water. The day he comes to realize how much fun it can be, your hands will be fuller than full. :-) who knows. thanks for sharing. thinking about you guys. later.

Elaine Candeloro said...

Didn't last long.....He loves it now!