Friday, June 20, 2008

Sophia's Nursery

Not exactly
Van Gogh, but....

In a desperate attempt to entertain myself and relieve myself from the endless "Can we go to the playpark, can we go to the pool?", I put the kids down for a nap (yes, I recently learned how to do that) and I painted. Sophia's (see left) nursery, even though she has never even slept in it, requires something extra. So I decided to paint. I have included a picture of her bedding, etc. and then the pictures that I painted (I did not make up the pictures, but simply copied them from her lamp using canvas and acrylics). I am looking for 8x8 frames which are not (shockingly enough) sold at the NEX. Therefore, I will be conducting a massive, widespread internet search in hopes of the perfect frames (none of which I will be able to touch or see in person until they arrive....fuel surcharge added, of course). I hope that you enjoy them, and if you have any ideas for her room, don't hesitate to share them with me. By the way, her bedding is CoCaLo brand--for all you soon to be new mommies who might be looking for a fun company to get your nursery bedding from. Elaine

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perilloparodies said...

okay, Great picture of sophia. so sweet. and HELLO i did not know that you knew how to paint. GREAT JOB!!! you must be pleased. love them. well, i will just have to wait a while longer to see it in person, but until then, keep the great creative spark going. kisses to the kids. Hi to Grace from G, L, and A, to Joe from Miranda, and to Sophia from Dario. and i will call soon.