Friday, June 27, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears (except there were no lions)

So it seems that I'm going for a bit of a Wizard of Oz theme. Well, if the Naples Zoo went to the great and powerful Oz, it would have asked for a makeover, some bug repellent, and, um, animals. All I can say is that last time I went to the Naples Zoo there was a giraffe. Now there is no giraffe, but in the giraffe area there is a giraffe sized hole in the ground. I hardly think that the grounds are being renovated. A few years ago the zoo was shut down. The animals were ill and were not being taken care of properly. I still think that it should be should down. I do not have fantastic zoom capabilities on my camera (although I love my camera--I just got it the other day and it is sooo pretty). I am actually that close to the animals. I could have touched a tiger if I wanted to, and I think that if that Emu or ostrich or whatever it is wanted to, it could have eaten me. It had pecked holes through the link fence. Link fence for a crazy creature like that? The only good thing is that it is a fun thing for little kids to do (on the downside, they weren't far from having their cute little fingers nibbled off). The kids don't know that it is a disgraceful zoo. They are just excited to see animals. Worth the trip if you live in Naples and don't have much else to do. Don't go out of your way to go to it though.


perilloparodies said...

Thanks for the tip!! Have you ever been to a "sea world" or aquarium here? Heard there is a "sea world" some where but not sure exactly where.

Elaine Candeloro said...

No, I haven't been to the aquarium. I know that it is in downtown Naples. I thought about maybe going this summer. I have already prepared myself for the fact that it will not be that great. Although, if the fish came from the bay of Naples, I hear that most of them have 2 heads and 6 eyes;)